Custom Design and Assembly - Connector and Interconnect customized solutions

We are involved in the design, development, manufacture and full testing of various customised Interconnect products. 

Our principal has more than 90 engineers who are constantly creating new versions of standard and also offer custom designed products. We currently invest more than 10 percent of our annual revenue into R&D

Some recent new products include:

Hybrid HDMI and USB harness for Mobile phone Docking station

Diecast shielded assemblies that offer greatly enhanced emi / rfi protection
(one of the very few Connector manufacturers in China with our own factory tooling to produce Diecast assemblies)

HDMI cable extenders with self powered active chipset to enable high quality cable reaches in excess of 25M 

Various USB and HDMI customized Dongle products.

Various cables and black box units fitted with PCBs and other active electronic features / functions.
Your logo or other name molded or printed on to products