Mini displayport PCB mount right angle connector through hole, 64L series

Freeport Connector

Mini displayport
right angle PCB mount connector
through hole

64L series,

Freeport Connector







  • Housing has features to prevent conductor rebound and improve product reliability
  • Shell spring is fitted to contact the equipment / chassis to prevent / reduce EMI.

Electrical Specification

  • Contact current rating: 0.5A min.
  • Voltage rating: 40V AC (rms)
  • Withstanding Voltage: 500 AVC for 1 minute
  • Insulation resistance : 100 meg ohms (Min).
  • Contact resistance: 30 milli ohms

Mechanical Specification

  • Insulator Material: High Temperature Thermoplastic (UL94V-0 rated)
  • Contact material: Copper alloy
  • Insertion Force: 39.2N Max
  • Withdrawal Force: 9.8N Min.
  • Durability mating cycle: 10,000 cycles.