HDMI Features and Benefits

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  • HDMI technology eliminates unnecessary signal conversions.

  • HDMI technology supports standard, enhanced, or high-definition video at 24 bits/pixel, 165MHz max clock frequency.

  • HDMI technology supports up to 8 channel digital audio on a single cable eliminating costly A/D signal conversions.

  • HDMI offers Bi-directional control signal transfer.

  • HDMI offers 5 Gbps bandwidth, 55% spared for future expansion.

  • HDMI offers 1 simple, user-friendly connector.

  • HDMI technology is backward compatible to DVI hot plug enabled assemblies up to 5 meters in length.

  • Per HDMI standard, HDTV sent as 16x9 & SDTV as 4x3 over 30 AWG 100 ohm, .5 amp, 500 VAC DWV double shielded cable.
  • Long Lengths available, ATC tested up to 12M and up to 40 M when using EQ technology.

HDMI Offers Two Big Benefits...

  • Instead of needing multiple HDMI cable assemblies for the video signal and multiple HDMI cables for the sound signal, HDMI integrates all video and sound signals onto a single, thin cable. It makes it very easy to connect components together.

  • Instead of converting digital signals to analog (to run through the cables) and then back to digital, everything on an HDMI cable assembly remains in its original, uncompressed digital format.