HDMI type A to HDMI type A High Speed Cable assembly - Cable Length 7M - 26 AWG - 18-9419 series

Freeport Connector

 Length - 7 M - with
26 AWG Cable
 Available in customised blister packaging.
 30u" Gold plated Nickel shell
 Gold flash plated Copper Alloy contacts
 PVC or woven jacket cable available
 Twin colour moulds available.
ATC tested and approved




Electrical Specification

100% open & short test
Hi-Pot: DC 300V 10ms
Insulation Resistance: 10M OHM Min.
Contact Resistance:
30 & 28 AWG cable: 2.0 OHM Max.
26 AWG cable: 3.0 OHM Max.
24 & 22 AWG cable: 5.0 OHM Max.
Working Temperature: -25ºC ~ +85ºC

Mechanical Specification

Insulator Material: High-Temperature thermoplastic(UL94V-0) & PE Low Density
Contact: Copper Alloy.
Insertion Force: 44.1 N Max.
Withdraw Force: 9.8 N Min.