HDMI type A to DVI cables 

HDMI type A to DVI cable
Available in various lengths up to 15M
Available in customised blister packaging
Gold plated shells available
Gold plated contacts available
PVC or woven jacket cable available
Twin colour moulds also available.
  • Insulator Material : High-Temperature thermoplastic(UL94V-0)
  • Contact : Copper Alloy.
  • Insertion Force : 44.1 N Max.
  • Withdraw Force : 9.8 N Min.
  • Contact Current Rating :0.5A Min
  • Voltage Rating : 40V AC(rms)
  • Withstanding Voltages :500V AC (for 1 minute.)
  • Insulation Resistance :100M ohms Min.
  • Contact Resistance : 30m ohms Max.
  • Working Temperature : -25ºC ~ +85ºC