HDMI Micro type D Cable connector, socket Receptacle, with solder tails, 15u" Gold contact, Nickel shell

Freeport ConnectorPart number: 65S019S-320NB2
HDMI Micro Type D
Cable end connector
Solder tail termination
Socket receptacle
Black insulator

Contact Plating: Gold 15u"
Shell Plating: Nickel
Cable outside diameter: 4 to 5mm

Electrical Specification


  • Operating Current: 0.5A MAX
  • Dielectric withstanding voltage:
    500 Volts AC between adiacent terminals (unmated)
    300 Volts AC between adiacent terminals (mated)
  • Insulation resistance:
    100 Meg ohm MIN. (unmated)
    10 Meg ohm MIN. (mated)

Mechanical Specification


  • Insulator Material: High-Temperature thermoplastic (UL94V-0)
  • Contact: Copper Alloy.
  • Insertion Force: 44.1 N Max.
  • Withdraw Force: 9.8 N Min.
  • Operation Temperature: -25C to +85C