Apple Lightning cable to USB2.0 type A - Length = 1.5M

Freeport / Elinke 18-94U1F series
Length = 1.5M
Other Lengths available:
500 mm length Apple Mfi certified Lightning Cable 0.5M
1M length Apple Mfi certified Lightning Cable
2M length Apple Mfi certified Lightning Cable

All our Apple Lightning cables are fully MFI certificated.

Freeport Connector

  • Lightning is a proprietary computer bus and power
    connector created by Apple Inc. to replace its
    previous proprietary 30-pin docking connector.
    It is used to connect Apple mobile devices, iPhones,
    iPads, iPods etc to host computers, external
    monitors, cameras, USB battery chargers and other

  • Lightning has an eight-pin connector which carries a
    digital signal.

  • It is non-directional and can be inserted into the
    device with either side facing up or down.

  • Lightning to universal serial bus (USB) as well as
    accessories to interface with HD TV, VGA monitors,
    Secure Digital (SD) cards and SD card reader.

    The Freeport - Elinke Cable advantage:
  • Passed the Apple MFi certification testing
  • Apple MFi certificate number: 14-00331
  • Original Apple Lightning connector for reliability
  • Automatic welding wire termination method for high quality connection
  • Uses the official Apple authorized chipset

    Standard Product Packaging